Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quote of the Day

"I think the President has acknowledged that there are several ways in which a civil union between same-sex couples does not accomplish the protections that marriage would...I think that people of religious beliefs, many, feel that the sacred relationship between a man and a woman is the only threshold for marriage, and I respect that point of view. However, we are living in a society of civil law. We separate church and state. And I don't understand why people who profess equal love to what those of us who are heterosexual are engaged in when we get married, why they aren't allowed to do the same thing. And that's why I introduced the bill."
--NY Governor David Patterson

I blatantly copied this from Bob's blog because I support this statement whole-heartedly. Let's hope it resonates with others as well. Check Bob's blog regularly for everything related to politics and the GLBT community. Bob is a fierce advocate for marriage equality, rather than civil unions, like me!

Crush du Jour: Scott McGillivray


Bob said...

Hey Mark, thanks for the shout-out.

I think with Governor Patterson in New York using his simple logic to explain the issue, big changes are on the way. Polls show that 51% of New York citizens support same-sex marriage.

And now Gavin Newsome has officially announced he's running for Governor of California. I see some of those same big changes coming out there when he's elected!

Anonymous said...

The balance has tipped throughout most of the northeast now. In RI we're just waiting for the political dunces to wake up to the fact that the citizens support marriage equality by a 58% margin.

But knowing politics like I do, I can tell you that RI will come about through judicial means rather than through the legislature.

RAD said...

good one..I want to steal this and post on my facebook...Because 1) I LOVE IT and 2)I want to just create a rukus with my straight friend crowds and church folks....I have alot of those..