Friday, December 19, 2008


Happy Friday, everyone! As I mentioned last week, I took off work today in order to prepare for our holiday open house tomorrow night.

Today has been (and still is) all about baking. Thank you to those who sent the recipes! Today I made a batch of chocolate chip pecan cookies, a batch of cranberry oatmeal walnut cookies, 2 'holiday' pumpkin pies, and a big pan of sweet potato shuffle.

I still have yet to make the coconut cheesecake squares, the butterscotch cheesecake squares, the chocolate chip brownies, and the peanut butter chip brownies. I ran out of eggs, so I'm off to the grocery now.

If the evite responses are to be believed, we'll have about 45 friends and neighbors here for the party tomorrow night. I'm excited!

Tonight we're having dinner with 'the usual suspects', and tomorrow will be all about the housecleaning. Then we're off to a birthday party tomorrow from 2-5, then back home to set up for our party at 7:30.

Remember, its not too late to submit your Christmas tree photos!

Crush du Jour: Matus Valent


Java said...

I want Matus Valent to come put up my Christmas tree. Or BE my Christmas tree.

Anonymous said...

My gosh that's a lot of preparation and baking. May everything go off without a hitch and may it be a great time for all, including you! Remember....not too bright with the chandelier. Make use of that newly-installed dimmer switch. ;-)

Joie Mayfield said...

Sounds like it's going to be the talk of the town! :) Take some pictures!! :)

Rick said...

Man you got a lot of energy. I hope everything was a big success. I'm sure you were a great host.