Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good judgement

This is NOT the way to keep from getting busted for sleeping in class! Dude, try some coffee or Jolt cola.

Umm, I think you can stop dieting now, Karen.

Okay, I'm pretty sure this photo is fake, but if its not, this is just creepy. Don't allow anyone to take your picture while doing this.

Just buy another iPhone, for Chrissakes!

Goodyear called. They want their
zeppelins back.

Now, I have no problem with men who like to dress up in women's clothes. I just don't want it forced down my throat. Keep it in the bedroom where it belongs, Mister!

What? Mariah Carey lost 10 lbs???

When you send a bogus photo to someone with whom you want to hook up, don't you think they're gonna notice when they meet you in person?

For the life of me, I can't figure out from the venue or attire what the 'celebration' is for.

Very crafty, but I see it more as a 'hostess outfit' rather than than subway attire. But that's just me.

Why even bother with the strings? Why not just walk around completely naked? Oh, and that large, winding tatoo does NOT make your ass look gigantic at all.

I have a feeling we'll be reading about these guys in the next 'Darwin Awards'.

I bet she was popular with the boys in high school.

I read that neon fishnet is making a comeback. This lady obviously keeps up with the fashion trends.

You know its true love when he cares enough to hold your stomach in for photos.

Now, this is just nasty.

"All the turnips in the house say 'Hey'..."

People, I'm not asking for much, just that you use some good judgement, especially when you leave your house. Thank you in advance.

Crush du Jour: John Gidding


Kevin said...

omg...i don't even know what to say, or think!

those mashed up dreads are disgusting!!!

if that pic was taken in Ottawa, then I know exactly who the homeless guy was. I used to call him "Screaming Jesus" because he used to scream into the vents of the downtown office buildings.

Christopher said...

"All the turnips in the house say 'Hey'..."

LMAO at that line, oh and all the pics too!

Anonymous said...

At least the Crush du Jour was a nice view on my eyes. ;-)

Java said...

I'm not sure I have ever seen this large a collection of terribly disturbing pictures. Seriously. A few of these shots made my gorge rise. I may never recover.

Mistress Maddie said...

Ok.You have got me grossed out for sure. How distrubing. I was afraid to even toch the key board. And Karen is just scary as hell. She really gives me the willies. A walking skelton! Thanks alot!

cb said...

Oh. My. I think my favorite is the dude reproducing the scene from "whale rider"

RAD said...

Entertaining...Poor John as the crush at the end--you should of did a nasty crush! LOL

Anonymous said...