Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What were they thinking?

I think its about time for another installment of "What were they thinking?", thanks to my friend John who sent me these great photos. (All may be clicked to enlarge.)

The snarky comments are mine, so don't blame John if you don't like them.

Oh yeah, those stretched-out stretch pants and tight t-shirt are MAJOR "sexy style"!

Everybody loves a bargain, right?

Let's hope this sign holder rides one of those natural gas powered buses. Otherwise he's an idiot.

Everybody knows the dangers of jackhammers on the unborn, but what about cigarette smoking? Perhaps the jury is still out on that.

You might want to check recipes before dining there!

OMG! This had me laughing out loud.

Understandable. Some newborn infants look a LOT like a burrito.

Lazy ass!!!

And they wonder why this particular location of LA Weight Loss has a lower-than-average success rate.

What? I don't see the problem with this.

I bet young Tyler couldn't sit down for a week afterward!

Who knew how much a lighthouse could resemble a man's 'junk'?

Crush du Jour: John Kesler


cb said...

I love failure!

David Dust said...

Somebody took a picture of my ass while I was ordering my 7-piece-with-a-biscuit down at the Chicken Shack!!

Anonymous said...

omg Ive seen cock soup at a friends house... and the LightHouses, I actaully had to look again- because that is NOT what i saw the first time...

thanks for the laugh! :)

RAD said...

Thanks for the grins and giggles! Funny stuff!

EMikeGarcia said...

Aaaaannnddd... The big girl is ordering fast food.

God Bless America!

tornwordo said...

I love those. I think the first made me laugh the most though. Sexy indeed, lol.

Anonymous said...

hehehe. I love the fail blog.