Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Unconnected thoughts

While Spouse & I were having lunch together at Pizza Hut, we saw 2 adults and 3 children (presumably a family) enjoying the pizza, pasta, and salad bar. Unfortunately, while the obese parents were scarfing down slice after slice of pizza like they hadn't eaten in days, their unsupervised children were picking up food from the bar with their hands.

At 1 point I saw the young girl reach into the container of cucumber slides, pull 1 out and place it into her mouth, but it dropped from her mouth back into the cucumber container. Hopefully the cucumber slice she retrieved from the container was the same 1 she had in her mouth. Her parents and presumably the restaurant staff were completely oblivious. I'm getting goose bumps by simply reliving the experience now.
Part of me silently vowed never to return, while the other side of me reasoned 'How many times has this happened but I wasn't aware of it? Really, how do I know that food purchased from the grocery store isn't similarly contaminated on occasion by food processing workers that mishandle the food?'

I decided that if I allowed this to worry me unduly I would never be able to eat anything, anywhere, ever again, unless I grew it myself. And that ain't happenin', so I'm choosing deliberate ignorance.
Last week I met up with a couple friends for mini golf and really had a good time! (Spouse didn't want to go.) The weather was ideal for an evening round of putt putt, and I'd forgotten just how fun it is to play. As the sun retreated, we were treated to a beautiful sky filled with pink, orange, melon, and grey-blue.
A friend sent me this commercial made by the Heinz corporation and set to air in the UK, featuring an alternative family of 2 gay men and 2 children. According to Heinz, their new product is so good its like having a NY deli in your house. I think its fantastic. Sweet cheeks indeed! The TV campaign was set to run for five weeks and was to be supported by press ads of the deli chef and the strapline "Give your BLT a little NYC". Unfortunately the commercial was pulled due to complaints from the public.

I am totally fine with you getting up at 5 or 6 am, but please be considerate of those of us who are still sleeping. Please do not mow your lawn or use one of those annoying, buzzy weed eaters until at least 8am. Preferably 9. And please control your barking dogs and screaming children, too. Some of us would like to remain asleep.
See? I told you they were unconnected thoughts.

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RAD said...

I hate to think about how food is handled as well so I try not to. I do make sure I start any yard work after 845am....Though I am up at the crack of dawn! So we go shopping and try to get errands done and B fast on the weekends....So and we are home by 1030am to enjoy our day! We love it as the stores are DEAD so we fly through them...

RAD said...
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