Saturday, December 08, 2007


This morning the sun shined so brightly through our thin bedroom curtains that Spouse was disappointed he couldn't sleep in longer. I fail to see the logic in this. "Since your eyes are closed when you're sleeping, what difference does it make if its sunny or cloudy?" I asked him, but he dismissed it under the guise that I simply didn't want to buy new, heavier curtains.

He's right. I find our curtains perfect. They provide privacy for undressing and other bedroom activities (ahem) but aren't so heavy that they block out all the light. I find these qualities render the curtains "perfect" while Spouse finds this to be a constant weekend morning irritation.

So we went curtain shopping. One of the stores was having a 'going out of business' sale and everything was 50% off. Unfortunately Spouse & I could not agree on what to buy. He thought chocolate brown panels would be fab. I reminded him our bedroom color scheme is dark purple and sand. He said that chocolate would be great with dark purple and sand. I asked him to picture our bedroom in our last house, since we have the exact same furniture, area rug, and bed linens. The only difference is that in the last house I'd painted the wall behind the bed dark purple and the other walls sand. I'm going to do the same in this house, too. "Picture the dark purple wall with chocolate brown curtains. Not good."

I don't know if there is an actual color/art theory behind this or not, but I do not like 2 dark colors together. Dark purple and chocolate brown together? No. Navy and black? Uh-uh. Hunter green and charcoal? Please! A dark, strong color needs to be balanced with a lighter color or a neutral. Hence dark purple and sand. Navy and khaki. Hunter green and tan. Burgundy and grey.

He inhaled deeply and told me to buy whatever I wanted and that he didn't care. I knew better than to fall into that trap, so we left the store with the fabulous 50% off sale empty-handed. Fortunately his tiff didn't last all day.

Drag Queen name of the day: Ida Claire

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Anonymous said...

I came across your site while searching for dark purple curtains. i found your article interesting because i actually have purple walls and brown curtains.-hhahaa funny i know. My furniture is dark brown along with my ceiling fan, so i decided to purchase brown curtains to match. It looks great. However I have now decided that a dark purple curtain will match better to obtain less brown in the bedroom. If you choose to stick with these 2 colors just keep in mind to change up the textures and sheens, that way the 2 dark colors will accent eachother nicely.