Monday, July 02, 2007

The weekend and more car woes

Sat morning we strolled over to the Lewes farmers market. Joe was disappointed that the bagel stand wasn't there, but we got blueberries again to make another cobbler.

We decided to go shopping in Dover. We went to Big Lots but didn't buy anything. It seems that none of the Big Lots locations I've been to carries the same great stuff as the Front Royal, VA location. But since its always hit-or-miss, we continue to go and see what's there. Next we went to Value City Department Store and as we walked in the door we were handed scratch and save cards. We both found some clothing and sandals. My scratch and save card gave me 10% off my entire purchase, and Spouse's card gave him 15% of his. Back in Lewes we stopped in at the Kirkland store and picked up a metal wall hanging on clearance for only $9.99.

After lunch Spouse took a nap and I organized my closet. I pulled out some containers I'd shoved in there just prior to having company a few months ago, and then began designing the space for the most efficient use. I was able to remove the rest of my stuff from Spouse's closet so now all my clothes and shoes are together in my closet. I love organizing things. Since I love doing it you'd likely assume our entire house is organized, but not so. We're still getting settled in from having moved a few months ago, and I'm not going to spend beautiful days organizing indoors when I could be at the beach. But I will definitely get the rest of the closets organized within the next few months.

Sat night after dinner we went to Rick & Nick's to watch a movie. It was "Toys" starring Robin Williams, Joan Cusak, and LL Cool J. It was alright, not a recommendation. But since Rick & Nick have that giant movie theatre screen it makes even mediocre movies more fun.

Sun morning we met John & Marty for brunch at the Crystal restaurant in Rehoboth. It was great to see them again and have time to chat and get caught up. We'd seen them briefly at a car show a few weeks back. After brunch we went over to see their house. It is a single story with a prominent Frank Lloyd Wright theme inside and out. The house and their surrounding gardens were beautiful.

After brunch we met Rick & Nick at the beach. It was a picture-perfect day: sunny, very low humidity, and breezy. On days like that I feel like I could spend the entire day there. When we got home we made an apple and blueberry cobbler, took showers, ate dinner on the screened porch, and then Rick & Nick came over for dessert. We had cobbler with ice cream on the screened porch. What a lovely way to end the weekend!

Tues I drove my convertible to a shop in Dover to see about getting the top fixed. I'd had it in a local shop and they thought the console switch was bad, but when they replaced it they found that wasn't the problem. They recommended this guy in Dover. The guy in Dover played around with it and told me he could check a bunch of different things which would take a lot of time and may not be 100% accurate, so he suggested I make an appointment at the BMW dealer where they could connect a computer to the top and figure out exactly what the trouble is. So, yet again, I've had no success in getting my convertible top working. I'll have to call the BMW dealer on Thurs to see about an appointment.

Drag Queen name of the day: Candy Graham

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Michael said...

Sorry to hear about the car woes. Did you get it fixed yet? Not that you could use it this week in this heat!!!