Friday, July 20, 2007


Today is Spouse's birthday.

A few weeks ago I offered to host a birthday party for him, but he said he'd rather not. He hates being the center of attention. So instead, I'm doing some other nice things in honor of his special day.

Since he loves flowers I ordered an arrangement to be sent to his office today. I think having the flowers arrive at his office makes them even more extra special. Plus, it shows his straight colleagues that straights are not the only ones who get floral deliveries for their birthdays. He'll be sitting there in his office, doing some sort of work, when all the sudden the delivery person shows up at his office door with the arrangement. Surprise! Even though he knows its his birthday, the unexpected distraction from his work to accept the floral delivery will likely be a bit of a surprise.

Tonight we're meeting Rick & Nick (and likely some other friends) for dinner at the Miltonian. I thought about having a birthday cake at dinner, but couldn't figure out a way to get the cake to the restaurant without Joe seeing it. So instead I've opted to bring a box of birthday candles in my pocket. Toward the end of the meal, I'll excuse myself to go to the restroom but instead I'll give the box of candles to the waitress and ask her to bring 3 or 4 desserts to our table with the lit candles in them.

The plan for tomorrow night is for us to have dinner out somewhere and then go to the movies and see "Hairspray". We both love John Waters' original movie and have watched it several times on TV. For Spouse's birthday 3 years ago we went on a cruise to Canada which left out of NYC. We stayed in NYC an extra day and went to see "Hairspray" the musical on Broadway. It was great! So the opening of "Hairspray" the movie/musical tonight is great, and going to see it tomorrow will be a part of the extended birthday celebration.

Drag Queen name of the day: Norma Lee

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