Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cinco de Mayo

Last Fri was Cinco de Mayo. I invited a few local friends to meet us at the Taco House, an appropriate location for celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Apparently the rest of DC had the same idea. The place was packed, and there was a constantly changing line of people waiting to be seated!

We put our name on the list, but because we were expecting 7, it took a little while to get 4 tables for 2 in a row that could be pushed together. Fortunately this happened on the patio. Although not a sunny day, it was a warm one, so the patio was delightful.

Bugsy & Roger were the first to arrive, then Joe & I showed up with Ron, followed by the Newlyweds. All but Ron had marqueritas; Ron had sangria, an equally festive Cinco de Mayo choice. We talked and laughed until the Newlyweds had to leave - they were expected at a friend's place for dinner, but squeezed us in for margueritas. The rest of us ate until we were ready to burst (damn those delicious home made tostada chips!), then we bid each other goodnight. It was really fun.

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Bugsy (aka Joe) said...

Yes indeed! Roger and I enjoyed ourselves as well!

It was good to finally meet the other half of the Newlyweds! (Ok I can't remember his name. Its on the tip of my tongue! Oh that drives me nuts!)

Now I have picture of the Newlyweds for when you write about them (if not both of their names! Oh lamentable aging effects on the gray matter!)