Wednesday, April 20, 2005

This 'n that

Last weekend Joe & I were supposed to join our friends Kerry & Hugh at their cabin in the Northern Neck. Hugh wants to screen in half of the large, open back deck.

Joe decided to stay home with Jordan, so I went by myself. Joe was afraid that if Jordan started feeling badly, we would be so far away from the vet that it could be bad for her. Additionally, on Friday Jordan had an 'accident' in the TV room, and Joe was afraid that she might do that again at the cabin.

It was wonderful weather to work outside - lots and lots of sunshine. Saturday was a little on the cool side, only about 58 degrees at the warmest point in the day. But Sunday was divine: bright and sunny and 70+ degrees. Hugh and I made good progress in taking down the existing railing, removing enough of the log siding to attach the ledger board, got 2 of the 3 walls up and got the rafters put on. My drive home with the top down was deliriously enjoyable.

Tonight, about 10 minutes before 9, we heard two smashing sounds outside. All our windows are open because its so warm right now. I ran outside to see some of my neighbors coming out of their houses too. Someone had thrown a chunk of a cinder block threw the back window of my next door neighbor's cars - two of them that were parked on the street. Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened. When the kids were out of school for Spring break, the next door neighbor family went out of town, and the same thing happened to the one car of theirs that was parked in front of the house. So it is my suspicion that this was not random, but rather, some high school kids who go to school with my neighbor's kids.

Last night was American Idol, and I really enjoyed the show. The theme was 70s dance songs, so I was in heaven! My guess was that Anwar, Scott, and Bo would be in the bottom 3, and that tonight we'd be saying "Buh-bye" to Anwar. Tonight was the results show. I was close. The bottom 3 were Anwar, Scott and Anthony, but Anwar did get the boot.

Today while at lunch I overheard an interesting conversation. Two men whom I perceived to be straight and in their mid 40s were talking at a table about 25 feet from mine. One of them spoke so softly that I was never able to hear what he said. The other, however, caught my attention when he said "You know, I heard about this on Oprah... there's this thing with men - they refer to them as down low, or low down... down low guys - something like that. Anyway, these are men who are married and have children - they love their families and want to stay with them, but they have anal sex with other men. There's no kissing, no love - they don't want a relationship with these men, they don't even want to know the names of the guys they meet. They are adamant about saying they're not gay, but they have this, I don't know, animal attraction and want to have sex with men sometimes." Then the soft-talker said something in reply to this, but of course, because he talked so softly, I couldn't hear him. I can only imagine what the rest of their conversation was like, and how the down low conversation fit in.

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Spencer said...

My boy is in the top 6 woo hoo! I am so happy & hard right now!