Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Off night" for Idol

What was UP with American Idol last night? It just seemed like all the performers were 'off'.

Perhaps the theme of last night's show, songs from 2000-present had something to do with it. Modern music sucks for the most part. It was a lot more fun when they were doing songs from the year they were born, 70s dance music, songs from musicals, etc.

I must congratulate Vonzell and Anthony though. They had the only 2 performances worth remembering from last night.

Although I think Constantine is a crowd pleaser and a crowd favorite, even his performance last night was boring. He just ran around the stage, flinging his hair and kicking at the camera. What was that all about?

The absolute worst performance of the night was Scott. It is not easy to sing a Luther Vandross song and make people think you did a good job. But he did a terrible job. There was not 1 ounce of personality in that performance. It was if he'd been awake for 48 hours, singing 1001 songs in a row without stopping, and then he did that performance of 'Dance With My Father' last night. It was a one-way ticket to Yawns-town.

I predict Scott will be voted off tonight.

And as long as I'm predicting, I think Anthony will be voted off next week (sorry Spencer), followed by Bo the following week, leaving Vonzell, Constantine, and Carrie in the top three. I think Vonzell will go next, and Constantine will be the last to go, leaving Carrie as the winner.

But only time will tell...


Spencer said...

Guess you got it wrong Marky Mark but I still love ya! I am glad the human ass face guy is gone! Sorry I know you like him just scared me to look at him.

What about an upset an Scott win it? Hmmmmmmmm

Have a great weekend!

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