Thursday, April 14, 2005

American Idol review

Last night was the ‘results show’ for this week’s American Idol. I was eager to see how America had voted.

What I found to be curious was how surprised everyone seemed when the ‘bottom 3’ were announced. I’m thinking: We’re down to the final 8 contestants. They’re all good. They’re all talented, and they could each win this competition. So, why did the live audience and Randy, Paula and Simon seem surprised that Scott, Bo, and Nadia were in the bottom 3? Somebody had to be there. And honestly, if I were picking the bottom 3 strictly from Tuesday’s performances, I would have picked the exact same 3. Judging just from Tuesday’s performances, I thought Scott, Bo, and Nadia’s were the weakest.

Scott’s rendition of Hall & Oats’ “She’s Gone” was very pitchy. He did not correctly sing most of the notes in the lower range. I have never liked the song “Free Bird”, so when Bo sang it, I wasn’t impressed. That song’s melody line doesn’t have enough movement so it is impossible to impress with that song. I don’t think most people had ever heard Nadia’s “When I Dream”, which is never a good thing. You will not get many votes if you choose a song the audience isn’t familiar with, whether you’re trying to be ‘artsy’ or not.

I was a little surprised that out of those 3, Nadia got the boot. I really thought it was going to be Scott.

I was super-impressed by Constantine’s performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” on Tuesday. That is a difficult song to sing, and even more difficult song to sing well, but he did it. I used to not like him because he had a heavy rock background. But each week that he sings a song that is not rock, the more I like him.

I’d give Anthony kudos for a great performance of Paul Young’s “Everytime You Go”. (Spencer – get your hands out of your pockets!) I also enjoyed Vonzell’s rendition of “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” and Carrie’s departure from her country roots in “Love Is A Battlefield”. That was a gutsy move for her, and I think she pulled it off with flying colors.

I am really enjoying this season’s American Idol. I think this is the best set of contestants so far. I think Simon has toned down the negative and hurtful comments a little, which is good. I usually agree with Simon’s review of the performances, but I don’t think he needs to be so blunt and often hurtful. Then at the opposite end of that spectrum is Paula, who loves every performance and is “so proud” of every performer. It’s almost like her comments just don’t matter anymore, because they’re always sappy and ultra congratulatory. Sometimes I wonder if Randy has a pitch problem.
If you recall my early prediction was that Carrie, Jessica and Nadia would be in the final 3, and that Carrie would win. Well, I was wrong about Jessica and Nadia, but I stand by my prediction that Carrie will win. But I think Constantine and Vonzell will give her a run for her money.

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Spencer said...

Hey its my birthday I can keep my hands in my pockets if I want cause I want Anthony for my birthday gift so bring him to me with nothing but a bow on!

I agree with the voting this week!