Monday, November 19, 2018

Don't rush the holidays

I'm a firm believer in not rushing the holidays.  I do not want to see (and will not buy) Christmas decorations in stores in Sept.  Even more specifically, I don't put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.  The day after Thanksgiving?  Fair game.

But yesterday I made a small exception... we put up our outdoor Christmas lights. 

It was sunny and in the low 50s so the weather was perfect for it.  Plus, the weekend after Thanksgiving I am scheduled to work both Sat & Sun.  Regardless of whether it rains or is cold in the coming days, we've already got our lights up and ready.  But we vowed NOT to turn them on until after Thanksgiving.

We will spend Thanksgiving and some of Fri in VA with our family, as usual.  When we get back home Fri afternoon or evening, I'll probably put the wreaths on the doors and start putting out our interior decorations.  Then (hopefully) on Sun after work I'll put up the Christmas tree and string the lights on it.  The following Sun we're having our annual Christmas tree trimming party where our friends help us hang all the ornaments, and in exchange we provide food and drinks.  Its always a good time and one of my favorite holidays traditions.


Mistress Maddie said...

I'm with you tootes on decorating. Being in retail I get it, but in my personal life I like to celabrtae one season and holiday at a time.

anne marie in philly said...

our stores had the halloween candy out the first week of august. greed for fake holidays!

Breenlantern said...

I am with you. I hate rushing Christmas before Thanksgiving and normally wouldn’t hang so much as a strand of tinsel until the day after thanksgiving.

BUT, for the 2nd time in my 47+ years, we are almost done decorating before Tday. We are usually home or local for Tday, but this is the 2nd time we will be away for the big day and decided to decorate early for two reasons: (1) we want to come home from Tday and have a relaxing 3 day weekend (2) it’s sort of a gift to my Mom, who loves our house decorated, since she so graciously agreed to watch our dogs while we’re away. So I’ve broken my rule for the second time. BUT- no outside lights, decorations, or wreaths are going up and on until we get back; AND, I won’t post anything on my blog about Xmas decorations until we get home.

I hope we can still be friends :-)