Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Comments and emails

Recently I noticed that I'm no longer getting emails from Blogger when someone comments on my posts.  

At 1st I thought no one was commenting, but when I logged into Blogger I could see the comments were there.  But for some reason, I'm no longer getting emails notifying me of the comments.

I revisited my Blogger settings page and confirmed my email address was still correct.  I even removed it and added it back in, but it didn't fix the problem.

I checked the spam folder in my email to see if I'd accidentally made the sending email address look like spam, but nothing was there.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Does anyone have any idea how to restore the emails when someone comments?

Any assistance would be appreciated!


Bob said...

I had the same issue until I read Debtra at She Who Seeks [] who posted this:
on your Blogger dashboard, click on Settings on the left sidebar;

then click on Email;

in the Comment Email Notification box, delete your email address;

click on Save Settings up in the right hand corner (don't skip this step!);

then go back to the Comment Email Notification box and type in your email address again;

then click on Save Settings again (don't skip this step!);

you will immediately receive an email from Blogger in your email account asking you to subscribe to notifications -- click on "subscribe" in that email;

and that's it!

Worked for me!

Mark in DE said...

Thank you, Bob!!! And Debra! :-)

Mistress Maddie said...

I see you were helped dear. All this lingo makes me want another gin.