Monday, June 03, 2013

Weekend highlights

On Sat I worked all day, and wound up staying late at the office writing an offer for the clients I met that day.  I love it when people are decisive and prepared!  I raced home, changed clothes, picked up Spouse, and headed out to dinner.  We'd made plans with Vic & Mike so I texted them to say we were running late.  We had dinner at Hobos, and eventhough it was rather warm, we ate outside.  We had a great dinner and enjoyed the time with our friends.  Afterward I walked down the street to get ready for my 1st performance of the 2013 season of the Legends show!  I was Elton John, and the audience really seemed to enjoy the show.  After the show when the Legends mingled amongst the  audience, I was approached by this cute young male couple from Atlanta.  They were in town with 1 of the guy's sister and her husband for an engagement party.  They were all so sweet and asked if I would pose with them for a photo, so of course I said yes.  It was a great night!

Sun morning we had breakfast at the Crystal with Steven & Thad, then decided to stop at the Merrell show store on the way home.  Spouse wanted some new flip flops that gave him better support.  "Flip flops that give you support??  They're called shoes" I told him, rather proud of myself for thinking of something so witty on such short notice.  While he tried on supportive flip flops, I spied a deep discount on some very bright shoes.
The price on the box read $110. but the sign on the display read $40.  These happen to be factory seconds, meaning they are not 1st quality.  The sales lady said some were known to 'crack' on the top of the shoe just below the laces.  But I loved the orange, yellow, and green with black trim color combo, and the fact that they were so light-weight, and the fact that they are ventilated, and the fact that they were so comfortable, that I bought them anyway.  Its not like I will wear these shoes every day (or every week for that matter) so I was okay with them being factory seconds.  Being the copycat that he is, Spouse had to get a pair too.  

What do you think?  Do you just love them???

Once back at home, we got ourselves ready for an afternoon at the beach.  It was pretty hot and the breeze was coming off the land rather than the water, which blows pesky biting flies onto the beach, so it wasn't the best day for the beach.  But we enjoyed it anyway, just hanging out with Steven & Thad and seeing several of our other friends there too.  Later than evening we met up with them again for dinner at Tuscan Grill.


anne marie in philly said...

well, I could always find you in a snowstorm with those shoes on your feet!


Travel said...

They look like the right shoes to wear to show homes on the beach. Very comfortable, very non-conforming, very beach.

Ur-spo said...

no thank you
I am sticking with last season's Pradas.