Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

Today is Valentines Day, the day dedicated to lovers.

Apparently lots of single people dread Valentines Day because it is a reminder that they are NOT in a relationship.  But I'm hearing/reading more and more about married/partnered/coupled people who also boycott Valentines Day.  Some say its just an excuse for retailers to sell lots of cards, candy, flowers, and stuffed teddy bears.  Others say they don't need a "day" to be reminded to say 'I love you' and be sweet to their loved ones.

Well I say "Get over it, you Scrooges!"

What is so wrong with having 1 day out of the year when you're expected to be romantic and sweet and give your loved one gifts?  Maybe you're romantic and sweet everyday - that's great - then you should be an expert on Valentines Day.  Buy your sweetheart a mushy card and stop being ridiculous already!

I just don't understand why people somehow feel they are being 'taken advantage of' by retailers on Valentines Day.  If money is the real concern, you can always get a card, small box of candy, and a helium balloon at the Dollar Store for $1 a piece!  You don't have to order flowers from an expensive florist.  Lots of grocery stores have floral departments that offer affordable cut flowers.

So to all those reluctant lovers out there I say "just do it"!!

This year I did not send flowers from a florist to Spouse's office as I usually do.  I learned a few days ago that he would be out of his office most the day.  I learned this when I tried to plan to meet him for lunch today, my regular day off.  But as it turned out, Spouse finished his special work activity early and called me at 12:15 to see if I still wanted to meet for lunch.  So we had a lovely little Valentines Day lunch together.  

When Spouse got home from work he was greeted by a beautiful bouquet of purple, pink, burgundy, red, and white blossoms I'd picked out at the floral department at the grocery store, a cute card in a red envelope, and a heart-shaped box of Lindt truffles.  My Spouse is definitely NOT one to turn his nose up at 'silly' Valentines Day spoiling.  I think he looks forward to it.

We decided not to go out to dinner tonight, since we had our Valentines Day lunch.  We'll eat dinner at home and relax while watching TV, a quiet night together, with Marvin.

Happy Valentines Day!


Sean said...

Well said! HVD to you and yours, handsome!

anne marie in philly said...

happy valentine's day to you and spouse! a quiet night with marvin sounds like a great idea! smooches! :)

SEAN said...

The Other Sean - I saw Sean's comment and thought I had already commented. I left this comment on his blog too but I mean it for you and spouse just as much!

I’m so glad you had a nice time and really glad that you don’t hate on the day. If anyone has a right to hate on the day it’s me (not because I’m single) but I don’t. I just like to go with it. What day of the year could be more gay? Flowers, crafts, baking, cooking, going out, dressing up, shopping, decorations, sparkles, and more!

Very few days have been created but most have been corrupted. Just have an extra nice day with someone special even if that someone is you.