Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vacation redux - part 2

We all slept in the next morning, and finally ended up on the patio near the pool around 10:30am.  We decided we would drive into PV, have lunch, do a little 'exploring' and get a better sense of the area, and then stop at a grocery store for coffee, breakfast food, and snacks for the week.

After driving around a bit we parked about a block from the Malecon, the boardwalk along the beach, with the water on one side and stores and restaurants on the other side.  Our 1st mission was to find sunscreen.  Since we only brought carry-on luggage we could not bring any liquid more than 2 oz.  We strolled along the Malecon, tried on sunglasses, bought sunscreen, exchanged some US $$ for Mexican pesos, and marveled at the gorgeous warm and sunny weather.  (It had snowed the day we left.)  Then I met Gerry.

As we passed by a shop a young man said "Hello, how are you?" in Spanish, to which I replied "Fine, thank you" also in Spanish.  Then he asked me my name in Spanish and I replied.  I had just exhausted my repetoire of Spanish phrases, so he gave me a quick lesson, saying things 1st in English and then in Spanish for me to repeat.  His name was Geraldo but he said "everyone calls me Gerry".  He asked me how many were traveling with me and where we were staying, then offered to tell me all the good places to go for gay entertainment during our visit.  I thanked him for the offer and caught back up Spouse and the Newlyweds.

Since we weren't sure where it was, we got a cab to drive us to Blue Chairs, the gay beach resort.  We asked for a table for 4 on the covered patio so we could watch the bikini-clad boys while we ate our lunch.  We walked through town a little and once back at the car we headed north to the grocery store called Sorianna that had been recommended to us.  It was interesting to note how some things were way less expensive than in the US, while other things were more expensive.  We bought a whole pineapple for $1.00 US, while regular apples were nearly $4.00 US per pound.  

It was late afternoon so we headed back to the house with our groceries and went for a swim in the pool.  When talking about dinner 1 of the Newlyweds saw a review on TripAdvisor for a restaurant in the town of Mismaloya.  We didn't realize there WAS a town, we just thought it was an area.  Since we'd been in PV all day we decided not to drive back in for dinner but to try the place nearby called Tony's Hideaway.  

The directions were comical.  "Look for the sign for the zoo and take that road but bear to the right at the split."  "When you see the tequila factory, turn left and head up the hill, then turn right.  Tony's is ahead on the right but there's no sign."  Amazingly we found it and were escorted to the dining area on the rooftop just as the sun was setting.  After ordering margaritas and pina coladas and enjoying a guacamole and chips appetizer, the kind waiter asked if we were ready to see the menu.  We said yes so he returned with a large round platter with a lobster, shrimp, fish filet, chicken breast, and 2 kabobs.  That was the menu!!  He explained the options for preparation and we ordered.
The view from Tony's Hideaway in Mismaloya
Me & Spouse at Tony's Hideaway

The Newlyweds at Tony's Hideaway

The food was absolutely delicious and we all enjoyed the entire experience very much.  Then our waiter brought us 'flaming coffee', compliments of the house.  It was a wonderful mixture of liqueurs in small glasses that were rimmed with brandy and set on fire.  Oh my god was that delicious!!!  I could have drank a gallon of that stuff.
Flaming coffee

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