Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter getaway

For many years Spouse & I have dreamed of taking a winter vacation someplace where its warm and tropical to escape the long, dreary, cold winter days we experience here, but for various reasons we have yet to do so.  Many of our friends share their photos of their winter getaways on facebook, making us jealous.

Finally this year we're going to do it!  Our longtime friends the Newlyweds are going to join us for a week in Puerto Vallarta Mexico in February.

Our friend Bob recommended staying at a men's B&B where he's stayed several times, and there are plenty of beachfront hotels too.  But in the end we opted for a private, hillside home a little farther from the beach in order to get more space, more privacy, our very own pool, awesome views, and a kitchen so we can have some meals at home.

We are super-excited to finally realize our dream of a tropical vacation in the winter, and to spend a week with our great buddies The Newlyweds.


anne marie in philly said...

looks heavenly! AND you will be back in time for the spo-a-thon!

cb said...

I think you made the wise choice. You can always visit the beach, but the pool will be awesomely relaxing. As will the views.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys will have some fun there. Enjoy it!

Me, I'm taking a different approach. I'm embarking on a newer career - on that will make us considerable amounts of money.

First thing - a place in Manhattan. We both want out of this crappy little state. And politically, I could have some real fun in NYC - their council is bigger than the legislature for RI.

But I want to snowbird it as I really do despise winter, though mother nature is starting to make northeast winters a bit more mild due to global warming/climate change.

But still - if I have the dough - I want a little villa somewhere in southern Italy near Napoli. Head there in October, come back in late April or May. Yeah, I could get into that.