Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving mini-drama

We'd heard from Spouse's sister that his 2 brothers who are 'flakes' were bringing Spouse's mom with them and had planned to leave DC Wed at 3pm.  This means they should arrive by 6pm so we waited for them to eat dinner.  

At 7pm they still had not arrived so Spouse called his sister to get a cell phone number for 1 of the flakes, knowing his mom would not have her cell turned on.  His sister didn't have a cell number for either of them, and neither of them had ever called us to tell us when they would arrive, nor did they ask for directions, so we had no idea where they were, when they'd actually left, or when they'd arrive.  Unfortunately this is typical behavior for these two.  They are so dysfunctional and self-consumed they have little to no regard for others.  

Since Spouse & I expected them around dinne time we'd postponed eating, thinking we'd eat with them when they arrived with his mom.  But by 8pm they still hadn't arrived and we'd heard nothing from them, so Spouse & I left to get a quick bite to eat and pick up a few last minute items from the grocery store.  We later learned that they arrived at our house just minutes after we'd left, finding the house locked.  They went to a bar/restaurant and had a bite to eat while we were doing the same thing somewhere else.  As they came in the door they asked where they could smoke so Spouse told them either out front (in the yard) or out back on the screened porch.  One of the flakes said he'd use the empty beer can in his hand as an ashtray.  How charming!

Later that night Spouse's sister and her 3 kids (ages 15,  17, and 20) arrived.

Thanksgiving day went rather smoothly, with everyone getting along and enjoying a delicious dinner.  That evening the 2 flakes were preparing to leave, as both of them had to work on Fri and were not staying overnight again.  We sent them on their way with a silent sigh of relief.  A little later our stomachs finally had enough room for dessert so I went out onto the rear screened porch to get the pumpkin pies off the porch table.

That's when I discovered that the flakes had dropped their cigarette butts on the porch floor!

I was stunned at their inconsideration.  I just couldn't believe that 2 people could show such disregard for someone's property to throw dozens of cigarette butts on the floor.  How did they think these would get cleaned up?  The truth is they didn't care.

When I came back inside I told the others what the flakes had done.  Although everyone thought it was absolutely terrible, in reality no one was truly surprised by their selfish, inconsiderate behavior.  They've all become used to it.  Had the flakes still been present when I discovered the butts, I would have handed them a broom and dustpan.

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anne marie in philly said...

DO NOT let those pigs inside your home again! period. they took advantage of you and spouse. sometimes you gotta draw the line in the sand and stand firm.

not only that, but they could not even be bothered to show up on time. ignorance knows no bounds.