Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Getting excited

Although I've not mentioned it here on my blog yet this month, I'm really getting excited about the Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival which begins tomorrow!  I have been attending for several years and always enjoy the wonderful selection of films.

This year I have arranged my work schedule to be off work for all 4 days of the festival and am planning to see 14 films.  Many people say they couldn't possibly see that many films but I don't find it to be hard at all, as long as the films are good.  Despite Rehoboth Beach being a relatively small town, I feel the RB Independent Film Festival's quality rivals that of much larger city's film festivals.

Today I picked up my tickets for all 4 days' films and am eager to get started tomorrow!

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anne marie in philly said...

please provide your picks-n-pans! enjoy yourself; you deserve some RnR after all the days you have worked!