Monday, February 06, 2012

Weekend highlights

Saturday I worked until 5, then came home to help Spouse prepare for the arrival of Kerry & Hugh and the other Polar Bear Plungers.  Earlier in the week I'd made sure all the beds had fresh sheets and all the baths had clean towels, and had vacuumed the entire house.  Spouse cleaned all 5 bathrooms and tidied up the kitchen so there wasn't much for me to do when I got home.

The gang arrived shortly after 6.  It was Kerry & Hugh, Kerry's dad George, Ana & Jose, Alison, Javier, Emily, Jayna, Antonio, and Gabe.  Yes, that's 11 people!  We went to dinner at a diner so everyone could get what they wanted to eat, then hung out at home and visited.  Eventually everyone went to bed by 12:30.

Sun morning we had bagels, coffee, and fruit for breakfast and continued to visit for several more hours.  At noon we piled into 3 vehicles and headed to the beach for the Polar Bear Plunge.  The point is to get pledges from friends for plunging into the cold water, and then donate the pledges to the Special Olympics charity.  But our gang didn't get their act together in time to get pledges so they just did the Plunge for fun.  

It was cloudy/overcast and 39 degrees, which isn't so bad except that it was windy so it felt much colder.  I had on jeans, a coat, and scarf but I was still cold.  The Plungers in their swimsuits had to be freezing as they waited for the Plunge to begin, and immediately after the Plunge when they were wet.  Afterward we returned to the house and the Plungers took hot showers and packed their bags.  We went for a late lunch together and then they headed back home.

It was a really fun weekend spending time with our good friends!

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