Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines highlights

Spouse loves cut flowers, so its been a tradition of mine to send flowers to him for his birthday, our anniversary, Valentines Day, and another random day of the year to surprise him.

But Spouse is not a fan of red roses, which you'd expect for Valentines Day, an he says white roses are for funerals.  So sometimes I special order purple roses or the yellow ones with orange on the tips.  But this time I decided to bypass roses altogether and got him a vase of yellow tulips with orange tips.  I love tulips, they're 'different' for Valentines Day, they don't get marked up on Valentines Day like roses, and Spouse thought they were gorgeous.

That night we had dinner with Steven & Thad at Saketumi.  I treated myself to a Cosmo.  I say 'treat' because I haven't had a Cosmo since New Years Eve, since I've been reducing my calories.  That Cosmo was even more delicious than usual!  I had sushi rolls and Spouse had Kung Poa chicken and shrimp.  We all had a very nice Valentines dinner.

No chocolates cuz we're both weight watching.

As a sidenote, it drives me NUTS to hear people say 'ValentiMes Day'.  I heard it on the radio 3 times yesterday.


Sean said...

Sounds very sweet - even without the chocolate. A great tip with tulips is to put a few pennies in the water - it keeps them straight. I used to give my fiancé flowers every Friday from the old guy in front of the Soviet Safeway in Dupont and they were usually tulips when they were available.

anne marie in philly said...

ummmmmm, saketumi...

cb said...

Awww, sounds like a nice Valentine!