Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I had a dream...

I had a very unusual dream.

I was inside a very large factory with metal floors, walls, and ceiling; not big wide open space like a typical factory, but lots and lots of hallways with doors. I wasn't frightened at all, but I was trying to find my way out. I kept walking down corridors and opening doors, only to find more corridors and doors.

The next thing I know, I run into a couple of my colleagues from work. I tell them I'm surprised to see them, and ask if they are trying to find their way out too. They say yes so we decide we'll stick together. However, after walking down several corridors and going through several doors together, I look over my shoulder and the colleagues are gone. Again, I'm not alarmed by this, and I continue on my way.

Then I meet this guy whose ethnicity I can't quite figure out. He could be Indian, Middle Eastern, Italian, I'm just not sure. The ethnically ambiguous guy (EAG) is very gentle and friendly. I explain that I'm trying to find my way out of the factory and he says that he's sure I'll find my way. I thank him for his kindness and continue on my way.

Again I encounter others in the factory that I know; friends I know currently as well as some from my past. I confirm with them that they're also looking for the way out of the huge metal factory, and we agree to work together. Some of them offer suggestions and we easily agree which direction to continue on. Again after going done several corridors and through several doors, I look over my shoulder to find myself alone again. I continue on until I finally see a window with daylight shining through.

Just then EAG shows up again. I excited point to the window and tell him I think I've almost found my way out of the factory. He smiles and nods his head. I tell EAG that I'd met up with both the colleagues from work and the current and past friends while trying to get out of the factory. I tell him how we shared ideas and agreed to work together, but that all of them have disappeared. EAG suggests that perhaps I got what I needed from them so they were no longer needed for my journey.

Now, if the dreamed had ended then I probably wouldn't have found it to be so unusual. I would have thought of it as being just another of those crazy dreams that make no sense. But instead, the dream continues.

I note his use of the word 'journey', and feel it is the most accurate description of what I've been going through: a journey to get out of the factory. I look at EAG and he smiles back at me. He knows that I'm starting to understand.

"The colleagues from work and the past and present friends..." I say to EAG, "they're all me, aren't they? That's why they left, because I was able to find my way to the window." EAG tells me that I already had all the answers, and that the colleagues and friends simply helped me have the confidence to follow my own direction.

EAG and I walk down the final corridor and open the final door to the outside. The sunlight is so bright that its blinding. I shield my eyes with my hand, then look back to make sure EAG is still there. He is, so I say to him "And you... you're me too, aren't you?" I ask him. He smiles. "So now that I've found my way out, I guess you'll disappear too, won't you?"

I accidentally move my hand and the bright sunlight blinds me again. I readjust my hand to shade my eyes again, and sure enough... EAG was gone, and the dream was over.

This is the only time I can remember where my dream's symbolism is actually explained in the dream. I didn't wake up wondering why I'd dreamt that, it was clear. I knew what the dream meant.

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Are you on pain meds?