Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend highlights

I worked from 9-5 on Sat, then came home and rehearsed my routine for the Legends show that night. Spouse & I had dinner at home, then I went to the Blue Moon to perform as Neil Sedaka in the Legends show. Jack, Alisha, and Joe P came, and Joe P took these videos of the 4 songs in my medley:

After the show I changed into my street clothes and hung out for awhile with a few friends. One of the bar backs who works there stopped me and said "Every week you're the best. It doesn't matter who the other legends are, you're always the best." I was so stunned by this totally unsolicited and generous compliment that I didn't know what to say. I just replied "Oh... thank you!"

Sun I worked from 9-4. It was rather quiet for the 1st 3 hours but then I got a call from a guy asking about 1 of our listings. He said he owned the house across the street but his good friend who was visiting was thinking about buying a 2nd home. I knew the home was empty so I offered to show it to them. I also found 2 other homes in the same community around the same price that were also vacant so they could make some comparisons. When they showed up I learned that Sean & Mike live in Philly but own a 2nd home here, and their good friends Kevin & Andy were interested in a 2nd home too. They liked all 3 homes I showed them but felt the 1st one offered the most space and ability to update it and create equity. I met up with them later that evening to show them info about comparable home sales and review the sellers disclosure. We also talked about the elements of making an offer and having a home inspection. We agreed to meet up again on Mon.

Then I joined Spouse, Steven & Thad, Alisha & Jack, and Joe P at Cracker Barrel for dinner. Apparently while they were all at the beach together earlier that day (while I was working) they had talked about having meatloaf. Our waiter was surprised when all 7 of us ordered meatloaf!
After dinner Spouse & I relaxed at home and watched the campiest of camp classics "Mommie Dearest" on cable.

This morning I met up with Kevin & Andy and Sean & Mike and showed them 2 other homes, just to confirm that they had picked the correct 1. We returned to the home they liked the most and they signed the contract! It was presented to the sellers who countered their price. My clients countered the sellers counter offer, and the sellers accepted it. Hurray - ratified contract #3!!!


anne marie in philly said...

suh-WEET for contract #3!

good singing; I know all the songs and was singing along.

meatloaf - ewwwww! you won't catch me ordering THAT this weekend!

CJ/Rick said...

Great job! Will you be going on tour soon?
I'm sure CB appreciated your business. I love meatloaf sandwiches.

Ron said...

Have you ever heard the term "burning the candle at both ends?" You'll look the way I do now if you keep this up young man. :)