Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another birthday

Tonight we had dinner at Pickled Pig Pub for Kim's birthday.

Kim's birthday isn't actually until this coming Sat, but we celebrated it tonight because Kim was off work tonight. Kim is the manager of Saketumi and works Fri & Sat nights.

Joining us were the Bobs, Steven & Thad, Ron, Jim, and Joe P. We had a great dinner and nice conversation.

Spouse's birthday was last Wed, Spouse's sister-in-law Karen's birthday is today, my friend Jason's birthday is tomorrow, Spouse's niece Anna's birthday is tomorrow, our friend PW's birthday is Fri, and our friend Diane's birthday is Sat.

That's a lot of cake!


Ron said...

My birthday is November 9th. I like The Buttery.

Ruffy said...

Happy Birthday!!!