Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend highlights

Sat morning I went to real estate school and Spouse went to the gym. That evening he met up with Steven & Thad and one of The Bobs for dinner while I went with my friend Hadley to a post-holiday party and networking event.

Hadley was the 1 invited to the event, but she decided that she and I would have more fun there than she and her husband, so she invited me to go in his place. Everyone was instructed to bring a wrapped unwanted holiday gift to re-gift at the party, which appealed to my quirky side. The White Elephant re-gift exchange was hilarious! We had cocktails and finger foods and lots of chatting and networking. Many of the guests were self-employed, business owners, and realtors. I met several very nice folks with whom I hope to stay in touch. It was the best networking event I've ever attended!

Sun morning I went back to real estate school and Spouse went to the grocery store. That evening we met up with Steven & Thad and our friend Liz for dinner at Saketumi. Liz used to live here, but moved to NY last year. She stopped in Sun evening on her way to a training class in southeastern VA. It was great to see her again, get caught up on her life, and share a meal with her and our friends.

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Ron said...

A Re-gifting Party, what a great idea! Always good to network. You just never know where that next opportunity will pop up.