Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I was reading a blog where the author mentioned never having run a marathon as just 1 of his many unaccomplished goals. He wasn't sure if his inability to accomplish goals was because he's just plain lazy, loses interest before completion, is a chronic procrastinator, or many other possible causes.

Since I, too, have a list of yet-to-be-accomplished goals I decided to leave him a comment to let him know I shared his frustration. Then I listed for him some things that have helped me do better at accomplishing goals and before I knew it, I had my own blog post written.

So here are the suggestions I wrote to Billy.

What an honest commentary! I have shared your frustration with having a long list of unaccomplished goals and lamenting over why they remain so.

  1. I found that often the planning/thought of the goal becomes more stressful than actually working to accomplish it. Try not to over-think what it will take to complete it, just starting working on it.
  2. Picking a date is key. Unplanned projects rarely get done. Pick a date and don't let anything interfere with it.
  3. Be realistic with the scale of your goals so they are attainable. "Sort out those 10 boxes of paperwork and file what I save" seems overwhelming. An attainable goal would be "Sort out 1 box of paperwork each week and file what I save".
  4. Remind yourself often of the value of your goal. When you'd rather sleep in or veg out in front of the TV, tell yourself why the goal is important to you, and chances are you'll be more motivated to work on it.
  5. Be sure your list is current. If you put a goal on the list 5 years ago then maybe its just not that important. If its not, scratch it off and concentrate on what's important now and in the future.

Since I articulated these things for Billy it made me aware of the continued need to practice them in my own life. I still have a list of yet-to-be-accomplished goals and tasks so I'm going to apply these 5 suggestions and see how many I can complete.

Now, if I can just find a way to stop saying "I'll start this as soon as ______ happens"!

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