Friday, August 19, 2005

Weight loss tip # 143

Don't order 'Value Meals'

If you're like me, you may really be trying to eat right and lose some weight, but when it comes to lunchtime, you find yourself at a loss. Especially when I have limited time, I find myself only able to pick up something quick from a fast food place.

Its tempting to just order one of those 'Value Meals'. You get some kind of burger or sandwich, a large order of french fries and a large soda. Its so convenient, you only need say "I'll have a number one please." Honestly, its more food than most people need for lunch, but they usually price them so they are only a few cents more than buying smaller items a la carte. I must confess to have fallen for the 'Value Meal' on many occasions.

But I have found that I feel better about eating in a fast food place if I avoid the 'Value Meal' and just order a reasonably sized lunch. A small burger or sandwich, a small french fries, and a small soda will probably cost only a few cents less than the 'Value Meal', but I will not be tempted to eat more than I should. Another option available when ordering a la carte is to skip those delicious but fattening french fries all together. Sometimes I'll order a small cheeseburger, a 4-piece chicken nuggets and a small soda. I imagine there is more nutritional value and less fat in the 4 chicken nuggets than in the french fries, but I'm not positive of that.

Also, have you ever been in a fast food place and seen some 'limited time offer' you'd like to try, such as a peach flavored milkshake? Well, if you order a la carte and skip the french fries you can feel better about occasionally indulging in a 'limited time' peach shake.

Those french fries are good though...


Spencer said...

You know I stop the getting the meal about 2 years ago and just go with the burger or the fries but not both it made a difference.

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