Monday, May 20, 2019

Productive Sunday

Yesterday Spouse & I took advantage of a mutual day off and incredibly beautiful weather to clean up our screened porch and do a little planting.

Every fall we store the cushions and pillows in large plastic bags in the garage.  The screened porch furniture stays on the porch over the winter because its all water proof and we don't have room in the garage for all the furniture.  So that means in the spring after the big pollen 'burst' we have to do a big cleaning of the screened porch to remove all the dust, dirty, pollen, and cobwebs.  

So we started by wiping down all the furniture, wiping down the painted wooden supports of the porch, cleaning both sets of french doors leading to the porch, and then sweeping the porch floor.  Once everything was clean we could bring the cushions and pillows back out and set up the lanterns and luminaries.  Our beloved screened porch is now ready for the upcoming holiday weekend and visits from some good friends and family.

Next we planted 5 day lilies Spouse had ordered from one of the TV shopping channels, and then we planted 4 varrigated hostas that a friend from work gave me.  Her's had gotten too large so she dug them up, split them, and gave me the excess.  I love varigated hostas because of their striking dark green and white leaves and the fact that they will grow in nearly any condition, from full sun to shade.

The weather was about 82 degrees, sunny, light humidity, and a steady breeze.  It was the perfect day to be busy outside.

After showering I decided to continue my productivity by moving all my long sleeved shirts from our primary closet to smaller one, and moved all my short sleeved shirts from the smaller one to the primary closet.  I'm fairly certain I won't be wearing long sleeves anymore for a while, and should I need one they're still fairly easy to access.

It felt good to get this work done and its almost always nicer to do these things together.

What did YOU do this passed weekend?


Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Last weekend I basically went to see Avengers and goofed off in record stores.
It sounds like a ton of fun to have a porch. You need to post Pics!


anne marie in philly said...

spouse took me out to brunch for mother's day on sunday; we NEVER go out on the actual day due to too many people. we took naps, did a few house chores, worked on our hobbies, just chilled.

Mark Robinson, REALTOR said...

Six: I didn't take any pics because I was dirty and my shorts didn't have a pocket for my phone. But stay tuned as there will be porch pictures forthcoming. PS - I don't normally comment on my blog posts as it skews the number of comments, so I prefer responding via email. Do you mind emailing me so I have yours for future responses?