Friday, October 05, 2018

Friday fragments

On Tues evening Spouse & I met Steven & Thad for flu shots.  The local LGBT community center hosts a free flue shot clinic in conjunction with the local hospital, so we go there together for flu shots and then have dinner afterward.  For many years I didn't get flu shots.  Then about 8 years ago my doctor told me that thousands of people die every year from the flu, so why not get the flu shot and reduce the chances that I'd be 1 of them.  Since then I've gotten a flu shot every year, and thanks to the hospital/LGBT community center its free.

Bugs & Roger are coming this weekend!  Well, technically they're coming tonight, and will be spending the weekend with us. They usually come at least once each year but last year they didn't, so it will be about 2 years since they're last visit.  Fortunately I was able to take off work Sat & Sun to be with them.  We'll probably visit the local arts and crafts festival tomorrow, go out to dinner with Steven & Thad, and then see the Legends show at the Blue Moon.  I'll be performing as Boy George. The weather forecast for the weekend lots great so we'll likely spend a fair amount of time talking and sitting on the screened porch.

We're going back to Palm Springs!  Yes, we were just there in Feb but we had such a good time we decided to go back Oct 13-20.  In Feb it was about 80 degrees during the daytime, a bit cooler than we expected, so this time it should be closer to 90 degrees during the daytime.  We've rented a chic mid-century modern home with a pool and hot tub.  We should get more use out of the pool this time.  Also, our friend Carl is coming with us.  I went to school with him but we lost touch after graduation.  Then we reconnected about 5 years ago, thanks to Facebook.  He's never been to Palm Springs.

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Ur-spo said...

Palm Springs sounds groovy; I hope he likes it there.
Good for you to get your flu shots! I hope 'getting a flu shot' turns political that only those awful liberals believe in them/get them leaving all the anti-vaxxers an GOP types to get it.