Monday, January 23, 2017


I'm excited because 1 week from today we leave for Puerto Vallarta!

Spouse & I went to Puerto Vallarta 3 years ago with our dear friends The Newlyweds.  We actually stayed about 15 minutes south in the village of Mismaloya, in a mountaintop villa in the jungle.  It was great!

This time the 4 of us are staying right in the heart of Puerto Vallarta.  We booked a relatively new condo on that looks fabulous.  It will be great to walk everywhere, and perhaps take a cab if we get tired or when its late at night.  The beach is so lovely and the town is so friendly, I can hardly wait to get back there.

Oh, and the weather this time of year is in the low 80s with no humidity.

This week I'll be picking out the clothes I want to take and getting it packed.  Since I'm not currently wearing anything I'll be taking its easy to fold and pack the clothes ahead of time, and just add our toiletries before we go.

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anne marie in philly said...

I wish I were there now; this snow/cold wind we just had on tuesday (3/14) sucks!