Wednesday, October 26, 2016

21 Things

I tend not to do a lot of memes, either here on my blog or on facebook.  I mean, sometimes they're okay but do I really need to know which states you've visited and which you haven't?

But I saw a meme recently I thought worth including here because it tells you more about me.  I'm not going to tag anyone; just do it on your blog if you feel like it.  Enjoy!

21 Things I Like (in no specific order):
  1. soft, chewy chocolate chip cookies
  2. riding in a convertible
  3. being at the beach
  4. GLBT films (even those with low production values)
  5. changing my hairstyle
  6. eating out with friends as a social thing
  7. my iPhone 6plus
  8. mid-century modern furniture, decor and housewares
  9. watching home improvement, real estate, and house flipping shows
  10. hosting an annual Christmas tree trimming party
  11. cream cheese
  12. cars from the 1950s and 1960s 
  13. going for walks, with and without our dogs
  14. writing and address Christmas cards
  15. dark chocolate
  16. Indian summer
  17. singing 
  18. cosmos (the cocktail)
  19. wearing shorts and flip flops
  20. chihuahuas
  21. Reese's peanut butter cups


anne marie in philly said...

oh hell, I'mma stealing THIS one!

Fearsome Beard said...

While we share many and I know yours aren't in order, Chihuahuas tops my list.

Breenlantern said...

Except for 12 & 15, this could be my list, too :-)