Friday, September 23, 2016

Patrick's visit

My longtime friend Patrick came for a short visit.  We've known each other for over 35 years, and he was instrumental in my coming out and self-acceptance.

Patrick arrived on Wed evening just after I got home from work, so we chatted for a little while on the back porch with Spouse, then went to dinner.  We went to Ruby Tuesday because I was craving a good salad bar.  Afterward we talked some more on the porch, then came inside and watched a little TV together.  Marvin & Walter remembered him right away.

On Thurs we hung out at home for a while, went to the local diner for a late breakfast, then ran a few errands (car wash, dry cleaner, etc) then came home to change clothes and go to the beach.  It wasn't the greatest day for tanning, but at least it was warm and breezy so we enjoyed a couple hours of relaxation by the ocean.  After coming home and taking showers, Patrick took a nap and I checked in on work stuff.  Spouse came home and then went to his personal trainer appointment, and then Patrick and I went to have dinner and listen to a local entertainer we'd heard on his last visit.  However, the wait for a table was 45 minutes and we were hungry, so we decided to have dinner elsewhere.  We ended up eating at a window table (my favorite) at the Blue Moon.
Patrick had the sesame encrusted chicken and I had the short rib.  Both were outstanding, as were our cocktails.  After dinner we walked next door for karaoke.  I couldn't get Patrick to sing with me even though we used to perform together in high school, but we had a fun time.

This morning we had coffee and conversation, then decided to go for a late breakfast.  Afterward Patrick headed back home and I got prepared for a walk-thru and settlement.  It was nice to visit with my old friend!

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anne marie in philly said...

a nice story AND a cute guy!