Monday, June 06, 2016

Boy George debut

So, last Sat I had the debut of my new Legend:  Boy George!

Here are 2 photos taken prior to the show in the dressing room:
I wasn't posing for the photo above; I was actually doing some Boy George dance moves which didn't translate in the still photo.  My hands kind of look like I have cerebral palsy or something.
She performance went really well!  I asked my friends not to take a video, since it was my first time doing this Legend and I knew I'd do better with more practice and confidence.  As it turns out, none of my friends were even there so I'm glad I wasn't counting on them to take a video!  

As soon as I got out there and began the medley I could feel myself relaxing.  My rehearsed choreography suddenly started to flow and feel more natural than rehearsed.  I really had a good time with it!

But with such great songs, how could I NOT have fun with it?  "I'll Tumble 4 U", "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?", "Miss Me Blind", and "Karma Chameleon" bring back all those great 80s memories. 

After a costume change all the Legends come out and do a finale song together.  Here's a photo of my friend Lisa as Etta James and Boy George after the show.

I hope I did justice to my Legend.  The audience's reactions lead me to believe I did.  They cheered and sang along during my set, and after the show several asked me to pose for photos with them. It was really, really fun!!!


Mark Ehlers said...

I seriously didn't recognize you! Looks terrific and I'm sure your performance was spot on!

Kevin said...

looks totally great! really! next time maybe we'll at least get a little audio?? ;) congrats!

anne marie in philly said...

OMB, with all that makeup I never would have recognized you! looks like fun; and with your signing voice, you do boy george justice!

mistress maddie said...

You both seem very convincing!!! You really look like Boy George Mark.....who knew?

Fearsome Beard said...

Comma comma comma Cameleon!