Monday, October 19, 2015

Anne Marie & more, part 2

 I think I've finally recovered from my 'big weekend'.

To recap, I worked on Fri from 9am til 4:30pm, then went directly to Dos Locos without going home 1st.  I met up with dear Anne Marie and her husband Todd and we got a chance to chat a little before the others arrived.  Eventually the rest of the gang trickled in:  Steven & Thad, Joe P, Derwin & Carolyn, and finally Spouse.  (He was late because he had to let the dogs out and feed them.)

Anne Marie & Todd started off with a pitcher of passion fruit sangria. 
Anne Marie
Next came the chips with salsa, guacamole, and queso.  I could have made a meal of those!  Everyone ordered and our food came out quickly - one of the perks of going to dinner early.
Carolyn, Thad, Derwin
Joe P had a classic margarita which looks to be about the same size as his head.
Joe P
Shortly after finishing my quesadilla I had to run to the Blue Moon to prepare for my show, but the rest of the gang stayed behind and celebrated Todd's birthday.  The staff placed a giant sombrero on his head, sung 'happy birthday' and gave him a complimentary dessert.
Spouse on the left of birthday boy Todd
Then it was show time!  I performed my Elton John medley and was joined by Pamala Stanley who sang 2 duets with me.  It was a lot of fun!!
Me in my Elton John costume
Then shortly after 10pm we started the 2nd show, in which I performed as Neil Sedaka.
The crowd was very responsive to my Legends in both shows, and I was asked to pose with patrons for photos.  It was lots of fun!!  I got home at 12:30am, which made for a very long day.

Sat I did it all over again, minus the dinner with Anner Marie & Todd.  The show on Sat was reversed, so I did Neil Sedaka 1st at the 7pm show and Elton John at the 10pm show.  Again, the shows went great and were well-received.  I got home at 12:15am, completely exhausted.

Sun morning Spouse & I met Steven for breakfast at the Crystal restaurant.  Afterward we stopped at the grocery store for a few items, then went home where I relaxed with my doggies and Spouse made an apple crumb pie.
Homemade apple crumb pie
I literally didn't do anything productive all day - just rested from my big weekend.  That evening we had dinner at Steven & Thad's and took the pie as dessert.  We came home, watched "The Leftovers" and went to bed at 10pm.


anne marie in philly said...

egad, sir, you are going to scare away your blog followers with my hideous mug front and center! ;-)

we ate local, we shopped local, we stayed local. it was FABULOUS!

Bob Slatten said...

You look fa-a-a-a-a-a-bulous, and, of course, with a cock-a-tail in your hand!

Sounds like a great weekend, and a run-around one for you, Mark!

anne marie in philly said...

@bob - you need glasses, dude! or a drink!

Michael Dodd said...

Totes a-mah-zing, all the way around!

anne marie in philly said...

@dodd - it WAS!

Ur-spo said...

these are wonderful photos!!

mistress maddie said...

Anne Marie never starts out with anything smaller than a pitcher. The evening looks like a hoot!!!!

anne marie in philly said...

@spo - ya mean I didn't scare ya?

@maddie - a glass just ain't good enough when I wanna git mah drink on! it WAS fun - mark's friends are my friends; and joe p. smelled so good (cologne)!

todd gunther said...

Thank you Sissy for a great weekend! Hmm...I don't look half bad in a sombrero!

Fearsome Beard said...

Warrior Queen front and center, yeah!
Looks like y'all had a blast.
The last time I saw Pamela Stanley was on the 10th anniversary RSVP Cruise in Puerto Vallarta. Eeek I just so realized how long ago that was.