Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Last week my friend Susan came to town to take care of a business matter.  Susan is the reason why we live in this great little seaside village.

Back in the late '90s when Susan and I worked for the same company and became friends, she invited Spouse & me to stay in her little place here.  We loved it, so she generously told us to keep the key and use the place anytime, which we did.  A few years later we bought that little place from her, then sold it and bought a bigger place, and then eventually moved here full-time some years later.

Although we have many shared personality traits and viewpoints, I will always feel like this little village is our chief commonality.  After finishing up her business matter, Susan came over to our house and she and Spouse & I sat on the screened porch and talked for a while.  It had been a few years since we'd seen each other so there was lots to catch up on.  Then we walked a few blocks and had cocktails and appetizers overlooking the water, where I tried to take this 'artsy' photo that unfortunately came out fuzzy.
Since the view and weather were so nice we opted to stay and have dinner as well.  All 3 of us had wonderful meals which complimented our great conversations and laughter.

Then we ended our night together with more conversation on the screened porch.  The next morning Spouse went to work and Susan and I had breakfast before she headed home.  It was a lovely visit from a lovely friend whom we hope will come again soon.

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anne marie in philly said...

where did you have dinner? it looks familiar...