Monday, June 23, 2014

House beautiful

I'm not a 'magazine person', but occasionally Spouse brings home magazine's from his personal trainer.  Recently he brought home an issue of "House Beautiful", which brought back old memories.

I remember my parents getting me a subscription to "Boys Life" magazine when I was an early teenager.  I think it was sponsored by the Boy Scouts because the magazine's contents had a lot to do with camping and being an honorable citizen.  I had little interest in camping or the magazine.

A few years later I asked my parents for a subscription to "House Beautiful" magazine.  

What teenage boy asks for a subscription to a home decorating magazine??  A gay one.  But my parents' highly-religious minds would never allow them to consider that possibility.  No, I imagine they thought their teenage son was interested in architecture, or possibly building, and that's why he asked for a subscription to "House Beautiful".  They probably hoped for that.  

But in reality it just another of many early signs my parents chose to ignore that their son was gay.

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anne marie in philly said...

and you and spouse
keep a FABULOUS house!