Monday, September 17, 2012


Sat evening Spouse & I went to a wedding... er, rather, a wedding reception.

A woman with whom I work got married early Sat morning in a private ceremony at dawn.  Then they invited their family, friends, and colleagues like me & Spouse to their reception that evening.

It was a beautiful evening weather-wise; not too humid, not too hot, not too cool, not too breezy.  It was about as perfect as one could ask for an outdoor reception.  But just in case, they did have a large banquet tent.

The food was simple but tasty, there was an open bar, and the decorations were lovely but not over-the-top.  (This was her 2nd marriage.)  
The theme color was peacock blue.  The bride wore peacock blue shoes and earrings (and a white knee-length dress), the napkins were peacock blue, and the floral centerpieces had peacock blue ribbon around them.  It was just enough color to make it interesting without overshadowing the beauty of all the white.

Spouse & I had a very nice time eating, drinking, and talking with the other guests.  We did NOT dance though.  It is my personal rule not to dance with or among straight people.  As progressive as most of them were, we didn't want to be "the male couple dancing together" at the reception.

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