Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Tears of joy

One of the most satisfying parts of my job is helping people find and purchase a home they love. 

Some clients don't find them right away.  I have 2 clients with whom I've been working off and on for over a year who are finally under contract on homes they love.  

Other clients find them right away, like Gail & George.  They called about a listing my team had so I showed the home (and 3 others in the neighborhood) to them.  They called me a week or 2 later about another community they drove through and liked so I showed them several homes there, and that's where they found "the one".  Just 2 times out with them and we found the right home for them.

We wrote an offer, negotiated a bit with the sellers, and the deal was done.  When I called Gail to congratulate them on their new home, I could hear the crack in her voice as she said "Thank you".  She became overcome with emotion and began to softly cry tears of joy.

Sometimes my job is frustrating and tough.  I assume everyone's job is at some time or another.  Fortunately I have moments like the one with Gail that balance things out.

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