Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TSA bumper stickers

There's been lots and lots of hubbub recently about the TSA body scanners and pat-downs. I don't claim to know much about the technology being used, but my sense is that body scanners are a worthwhile nuisance if they can detect just one person attempting to board a plane with weapons or the makings of a bomb.

Some people claim that the body scanners violate their civil right of privacy, yet its hard for me to believe that they honestly feel their 'privacy' is worth the risk of someone boarding a plane with a gun or bomb. Furthermore, there are many other requirements of US citizens that would appear to violate their right to privacy (filling out census info, registering vehicles at the DMV, and federal income tax returns, etc.) yet no one is complaining about these things.

It seems to me that these same people who object to the body scanners and pat-downs would be the same ones to get up-in-arms the next time there's an attempted hijacking or terrorist attack.

A friend sent me the following humorous (fictitious) TSA bumper stickers. Click to enlarge and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

TSA is what we at the company I work for all call "Security Theater."

I say this because all of us have flown in the past decade with knives, box cutters, pliers, etc. in carry on and they completely MISSED it.

The reason we might have those in carry on is because in my case it's a backpack containing my computer, development boards, etc.

That right there tells me it's ineffective.

All TSA is good for is spending ever greater amounts of money chasing a problem that could have been solved using the human element. You don't think those machines are free, do you?

Corporate America loves TSA. Me, I think the TSA is mostly idiots.

For example, the goal of a terrorist is to scare people. So why not detonate BEFORE the scanner when you're in line in fact. You'd easily take out 100 or more people depending on the explosive used.

But TSA misses this entirely because they are OVER dependent on technology and they are highly REACTIVE.

Instead we should have done what the Israeli's do, profile! They catch their terrorists that way.

anne marie in philly said...

LOVE the stickers!

question - is a "freedom pat" anything like "freedom fries"?

and I second what truthspew said above - besides profiling, what other techniques has israel been using for YEARS without any bombing incidents? and WHY can't we adopt their methods? just curious...

wcs said...