Sunday, February 04, 2007

Real progress

I thought we'd be able to set up all 3 guest bedrooms on Fri night, but realized we needed to go shopping for groceries and other home stuff. So after dinner and a trip to the Super Wal-Mart we set up the 1st guest bedroom, the one that my office is in. We got the bed set up, decided on which bedside tables to use, and moved some boxes into the closet.

On Sat we really got busy. After walking a block to a moving sale, we went to Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and the linen outlet in search of curtains. We bought more inexpensive curtains panels and tension rods, then headed back home. We set up the other 2 guest bedrooms, put up curtains in 1 of them, and got them ready to be used later that night.

Then we started working in the living room. There was a huge pile of furniture and boxes from the VA house that actually belong in the new living room, there were things that belonged in the new house but not in the living room, AND there was furniture and boxes from the beach house that Joe's brother Paul was coming to pick up. We decided to move the furniture that was leaving over to one spot, and stacked it up on top of each other. After that we took the miscellaneous items out of the living room and to the rooms where they belonged. Then we began moving the pieces that were staying in the living room to their approximate locations to see how we liked the arrangement and see if it fit. With a few adjustments we decided on a floorplan. We vacuumed and Swiffer-ed the floor, unrolled the area rug, and got the furniture set up. I couldn't believe what a huge difference it was from just a few hours earlier! Actually, it went pretty quickly, once we had the other stuff out of the way.

I put up the curtain panels in the dining room as Joe took a shower. I was going to shower after him, but our friends arrived.

Kerry, Hugh, Kelly, Ana, and Emely had come from VA for the Polar Bear Plunge, a fundraiser for Special Olympics. This is their 3rd year participating. So we showed them around the house and got caught up on the latest news. Then we went to dinner at La Rosa Negra, an Italian place Joe & I had recently rediscovered. We had a delicious dinner complimented by a live jazz trio who where very good. After dinner we sat around in the living room and talked. Ana, Emely, and Kelly went to bed at around 10, but Kerry, Hugh, Joe & I stayed up talking until 12:15.

Sun morning we had coffee, dropped off some stuff in Ocean City, went to breakfast, then went to Rehoboth Beach for the Polar Bear Plunge. We were running a little late, but fortunately arrived just in time for our participants to shed their clothes (they had their swimsuits on underneath) and run into the water. We all came back to the house for hot coffee and to change clothes, and then they left.

It was a terrific weekend in my book; we made real progress on getting our house set up AND we had a great visit with our friends who are really more like family.

Drag Queen name of the day: Iris Bulb

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