Monday, February 13, 2006

New do

Got my hair cut this evening.

I was about 2 weeks overdue, and feeling a little shaggy, but I'd purposely let my hair grow out while I considered a new do. Finally I decided... on a 'fauxhawk'.

'Fauxhawk' rhymes with 'mohawk', and the cut is kinda similar, but a fauxhawk is far more stylish and far less rebellious. Its not shaved on the sides. Fauxhawks are very "in" right now. I like it.

This photo is not actually of me, but it looks just like my new do.


1 comment:

Jamie said...

Say it isn't so! Don't tell me you've fallen to the siren song of the fauxhawk...resist, Mark, resist! The urge to push that hair up will haunt you later!