Friday, July 08, 2005

What did we do?

Thought I'd give you a review of our vacation at the beach.

It was raining lightly and was very humid when we left Tuesday night around 9:30 so we had the top up on the car. However, when we stopped near the Bay Bridge to get a bottle of water (I was dying of thirst) it had stopped raining and the humidity level was not bad, so we put the top down and drove the rest of the way. We arrived a a little after midnight.

Wednesday it rained almost all day, but we had errands to run so we weren't bothered by missing a day at the beach. We went to the grocery store, the most fabulous Dollar store, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Lowes, and the video store. We had dinner at Fish On, a top-notch restaurant in Lewes. It has a tall, open ceiling with exposed ducts, all painted black. Its sleek and has a New York City Bistro feel. Joe had seared scallops with bits of prosciutto and asparagus. I had pasta with cream and wild mushrooms. De-lish! We watched "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" which was cute. Its about an ever-attentive wife who gets dumped by her successful attorney husband, for another woman. The wife gains support and wisdom from her grandmother and rebuilds her life. We also watched "Be Cool", the sequel to "Get Shorty" which I never saw. Be Cool was okay. Travolta and Thurman do have chemistry, but the plot was weak. Two record industry people (Travolta and Thurman) try to launch a professional career for a young, talented singer, while simultaneously outsmarting the 'music industry mafia'. Yeah, you read that right.

Thursday the weather was beautiful so we went to the beach in the Cape Henlopen state park. The breeze was coming from the west (off the land) and brought a bazillion flies with it. Joe got bit many times on his feet, ankles, and shins. For some reason they didn't bite me. Perhaps I didn't have the same beguiling aroma that Joe did. We did use different sunscreen. In the late afternoon Joe took a nap and I went rollerblading in the park. Fun! We had dinner at Celsius in downtown Rehoboth. The walls were textured stucco with floor-to-ceiling murals of Tuscany painted on them. Joe & I both had Key Lime Pie Martinis that came with a fake ice cube with a battery-powered light in it. The martinis glowed! Joe wasn't crazy about the taste so I drank mine and the other half of his. We both had puntanesca. Joe wasn't crazy about it but I liked it enough to take home the left-overs, which I ate for lunch later in the week. After dinner we went for a walk on the boardwalk, then watched "White Noise" which was pretty good. A man finds that he can receive messages from his recently deceased wife in the 'white noise' of a steadily running video camera.

Friday was overcast so we did a little antique-looking. I was surprised how much stuff just sits in those shops. I recognized merchandise I'd seen at least 3 years ago. Joe took a nap and I did a lot of reading, mostly Letters From Camp Rehoboth and the Washington Blade. We watched "My Mother Likes Women", a film that showed in last November's RB Indy Film Festival but I didn't get to see it. A divorced woman introduces her much-younger girlfriend to her adult daughters who are not aware that their mother is a lesbian. We both enjoyed it a lot. Then Kerry, Hugh, Ana, Emely, Javier, and Aaron arrived shortly after midnight.

Saturday was overcast so we all hung out together at the house, talking, laughing, and catching up on things. Around 3pm the sun had come out so we all went to the beach for a few hours. It was beautiful. We ordered cheese steaks from Casapullas and Hugh & I brought them back to the house for dinner. We watched "The Jacket". That movie needed a shot of adrenaline because it took too long to get going. But we enjoyed the concept of the movie. A Gulf war veteran with amnesia is subjected to experimental drug treatment that causes him to slide 15 years into the future. Each time he does, he collects information he wouldn't otherwise know and brings it back to the present.

Sunday the gang headed back to the beach in the park, but were turned away along with many others because the park was at maximum capacity! That's never happened to us before, even on holiday weekends. So we headed over to the community pool in our neighborhood and enjoyed a gorgeous day there. We ordered Grotto pizzas to be delivered for dinner, then the group watched "Pirates of the Caribbean" which I had no desire to watch, so I read for a little while and then fell asleep.

Monday we spent the day at the pool again, thinking the park would probably be packed again. The pool was very nice, and we talked with a few neighbors who are from the Northern Neck of VA where Kerry & Hugh's log house is located. Small world! A friend/co-worker of Kerry's came over with several family members and we had a 4th of July cookout followed by sparklers. After the guests left, the gang watched "The Return of the Pink Panther" which I did not want to watch, so I read and fell asleep again.

Tuesday we had a lazy morning, sitting around talking and playing a movie game until noon. We ate left-overs for lunch and then headed over to the pool again. The plan was to clean up the house, pack and leave at 5pm. But Ana's truck had some mechanical problems which Hugh was able to fix, but delayed our departure until 7:30. We drove home with the top down most of the way, until it looked like it was going to rain.

Despite having just returned from the beach Tuesday night, we are heading back up there in a few minutes. The weather is looking good, and it's summer, so we're heading back to the beach. Our plan is to come home early in the afternoon on Sunday though, so we can get some things done around the house.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July.

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omg welcome back missed you!