Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Valentine's Day gets a bad rap

Okay, I realize Valentine's day was over a week ago. I've been busy. But I have to comment about some of the negative and untrue things I've heard and read recently about Valentine's day.

"Valentine's day is just another way for card stores, florists, and candy companies to make money." Really? So, nobody's sending birthday cards anymore? Nobody's getting flowers for their anniversary anymore? Nobody in the hospital is getting a box of chocolates anymore? I think not, my green-with-envy friend. And even if it WERE true - is it so bad that we take one day out of the year to celebrate romantic love and allow Hallmark, the florists, and Godiva to make a buck? Not in my opinion.

"Valentine's day is just another way couples make single people feel badly about themselves." Oh really? If someone feels like that, then it's no wonder they're single and no wonder they feel badly about themselves. Get a grip! Just because you are single does not mean that couples want you to feel badly about yourself. If you are single, Valentine's day is simply not for you! It's for couples. Just like Hanukkah is for Jewish people. It is not just another way Jewish people make Christians feel badly about themselves. Just like mother's day is for mothers. It is not just another way mothers make childless women feel badly about themselves. You know I could continue... If you are single, just go about your business on Valentine's day and leave the couples alone.

Yes, I believe Valentine's day has gotten a bad rap, and unduly so. For those who aren't bitter, Valentine's day is a time for reminding your special loved one how much he or she means to you. And Valentine's day doesn't have to be inaugurated with a card, flowers, or chocolates, although those are the most common icons of the holiday. It can also be simply tucking a note that reads "I love you" into the pocket of the pants he'll be wearing that day, or attaching it to her car keys. A foot massage. A back rub. A knowing smile. Really, Valentine's day is only limited by one's imagination. (But it should NEVER include microwave TV dinners. That may take a long time to forgive.)

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