Thursday, September 18, 2008

Facial hair

While reading cb's blog yesterday I saw this post on facial hair and learned something new from one of the commenters.

I have been making the very common mistake of confusing a goatee with a Van Dyke.

This is what I've been calling a goatee:
Likely you have, too. But according to this site, its actually a Van Dyke.

This is a goatee:

This difference being the absence of a mustache, or hair above the upper lip.

However, according to this site and this site, a Van Dyke is called a goatee with mustache, so maybe I haven't been completely wrong.

Van Dyke, goatee, tomato, tomato, either way - I am a fan of men with facial hair, be it a full beard, goatee, Van Dyke/goatee with mustache, soul patch, balbo, or manicured scruff. I like them all. You may have noticed that quite a few of my Crush du Jour men have facial hair.

The only two types of facial hair I'm not fond of are a mustache (without goatee) and a scraggly beard.

I think mustaches without goatees just look dated. Think of Tom Selleck as Magnum PI, circa 1980.

"Hello, the 80s called and wants its mustache back."

Back in the day, Tom Selleck's mustache was killer. But now it just looks dated.

Long scraggly beards often look unkempt and make men look old. Think: the guys of ZZ Top, also circa 1980.
"Daddy"? Um, no. More like "Grandpa".


Crush du Jour: Danny Lopes


A Lewis said...

All I know is that the last dude with his top button unbuttoned had better cinch it up quick....or there's going to be trouble.

joe*to*hell said...

you mean a MAN dyke. because that looks like a hairy twat

cb said...

I know that the proper term for what I typically wear is a "van dyke". But NOBODY calls it that.

Nobody uses the term fu manchu either.

RAD said...

I cant wait for mustaches to come back though...It would be fun to sport one again.....

Java said...

No, no Mark, you are sadly mistaken. That Tom Selleck with a mustache is a timeless classic. It matches the bear chest, too.

I agree with you about the scraggly beards, though. Super ick. Looks like Spanish Moss. I like a well groomed beard, but not fond of the Van Dyke or the goatee. I've been waiting for a long time for those goatee things to go out of style. Still waiting....

tankmontreal said...

The Van Dyke/Goatee confusion makes me crazy. Call the thing by its proper name, pleeeeeeeeeze.
In any case, I love my Marlboro Man 'stache and it ain't comin' off no way no how, whether or not the 70s are calling for it.

Rick said...

I got tired of arguing about it years ago but that's right. Maynard wore a goatee not a Van Dyke. Nice examples thanks for sharing.
I'm crushing on those nipples.

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